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My Open Love Letter to Basketball

My Open Love Letter to Basketball

Emma Krupp June 10, 2020

Ironically, the love that I would come to have for basketball began with a feeling of discomfort and uncertainty. Walking into the GCMS gym in November of 2012 one thing was for sure: I did not belong...

“The Wedding Year”: The Perfect Rom-Com for Quarantine

“The Wedding Year”: The Perfect Rom-Com for Quarantine

Emma Krupp April 17, 2020

Scrolling through my Netflix feed on the 7th day of quarantine, I found myself in a bit of a rut. What else was there for me to watch? Yes, my friends and I had already streamed rerun episodes of “The...

Coming Different: A Preview of Caldwell’s Girl Basketball Team

Emma Krupp November 29, 2019

With the prospect of the winter sports season approaching quickly, several teams are starting to band back together. Wrestlers can be found running the halls of the school and swimmers have celebrated...

No Joking Around For This Premiere

Emma Krupp October 21, 2019

On the weekend of October 4th, 2019, thousands of DC comic fans eagerly gathered in cinemas around the United States for the premiere of Warner Bros new movie “Joker.” The film, directed by Todd...

A New Perspective on an Infamous Serial Killer: “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile” Review

Emma Krupp May 29, 2019

Who was Theodore Robert Bundy? To many growing up in the 1970s, he was one of the most infamous American serial killers whose trials captured the nation. To some, Bundy was a kidnapper, a murderer, and...

Focusing In On Darkness: Capturing The First Image of a Black Hole

Focusing In On Darkness: Capturing The First Image of a Black Hole

Emma Krupp May 2, 2019

On April 10, 2019, astronomers and scientists made a huge announcement to the public. Thanks to the help of a network of telescopes around the world, they were able to capture the first picture of a...

How To Assure You’ll Be Accepted To College

How To Assure You’ll Be Accepted To College

Emma Krupp April 3, 2019

*The following piece is purely satirical and meant for entertainment purposes only On March 12, 2019, federal prosecutors in Boston released that fifty people were involved in a scandal in order to...

Girls Basketball: Moving Forward With Hard-Hat Mentality

Girls Basketball: Moving Forward With Hard-Hat Mentality

Emma Krupp January 28, 2019

At the halfway point of the winter season, the Caldwell Girls Basketball team continues to excel with a 3-2 conference record and an overall record of 6-3. Since their opening night loss against West...

Look No Further For This Year’s Best Picture

Emma Krupp December 1, 2018

With the Oscars rapidly approaching on February 24, 2019, several movie critics and fans are beginning to speculate which films, actors, and actress will receive nominations. Although these nominations...

All The Stars Gather for Elsie

Emma Krupp October 24, 2018

“Star studded” would be an understatement to describe the lineup for this year’s Elsie Fest, the annual Broadway outdoor music festival held in New York City.  On October 7, 2018, hundreds of...

How Traveling To Europe Changed My Life

Emma Krupp May 15, 2018

When I was little, one of my biggest dreams was to get the chance to travel to Europe before or while I was in college.  Luckily for me, my wish came true this past spring break for my 16th birthday....

Senior Night for the Girl’s Basketball Program

Emma Krupp March 8, 2018

The Caldwell Girls Basketball program concluded their regular winter season this week against the visiting Lakeland Lancers.  The Lancers arrived in Caldwell with an impressive 19-4 record, rivaling...

Should Author Talks and Book Signings Charge Admission?

Should Author Talks and Book Signings Charge Admission?

Emma Krupp October 24, 2017

After the slow summer months of waiting for John Green’s new novel, "Turtles All The Way Down”, to be released I was shocked when October 10th came upon me suddenly.  Not only was this the premiere...

How Dear Evan Hansen Changed My Life

How Dear Evan Hansen Changed My Life

Emma Krupp May 18, 2017

It is scientifically proven that music has the power to change a human being. However, that doesn’t mean that it is common for a given song to come along and practically change the course of someone’s...

The Cultural Impact of Divide

Emma Krupp April 7, 2017

Millions of Ed Sheeran fans around the world, including myself, were shocked when the British singer posted an Instagram farewell note on December 12th, 2015.  Just a few hours after coming off of the...

Is There A Need To Update Maslow’s Hierarchy?

Emma Krupp February 26, 2017

For my second semester as a freshman at James Caldwell High School, my elective for the remainder of the year was Interior Decoration with Ms. Heinicke.  My first few days of class were not exactly...

Reflecting On The Year Of The Dumpster Fire

Emma Krupp January 20, 2017

2016 has been proclaimed by many as a year made up of bad fortune, disappointment, and heartache.  It was a year that was comprised of many different events, both substandard and wonderful.  With the...

Is The New Magical Era Worth It?

Emma Krupp December 14, 2016

It was noticeable on the night of July 30, 2016 that there was a bit more magic in the air for Harry Potter fans across the globe.  The next day, at exactly 12:01 AM, J.K. Rowling’s new novel, Harry...

Remembering Number 81

Remembering Number 81

Emma Krupp October 23, 2016

The fall of 2006 was supposed to be a time of all things beginning again.  The leaves were inexorably changing from their summer green hue to dashes of orange, yellow, and red that filled the trees...

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