Palindrome Poems

Palindrome Poems

Emily Schablik


By Olivia Macaluso

Our Earth is already destroyed

And I’d be a fool to believe 

That our optimism will come to fruition 

Deep down I know it is true 

That our mistakes are irreversible 

I cannot imagine

A world in which death is not lurking in every corner on our horizon

Because I know, something big is coming: 

We are spiraling into an era of depression and apathy

Do not lie to me and say

We can change our fate 

Love & Hatred

By Jacqueline Manfro

I wish you would disappear

Don’t you ever say

“I loved you with all my heart”

You’d be wrong

If you thought I never loved you,

You’re right

When you say I want you back

It’s like a knife in my gut

I have been told I should hate you

And I’ve taken that advice

But some people say to chase after you

It makes me sick

To watch you walk away

was the greatest thing in the world

Our relationship

was terrible,

and leaving you

incredibly smart,

Although I don’t think I am

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

You’d never hear me say so

But you told me this

That I would never be good enough 

You said

Not skinny 


Not tall 

No more do I believe that I am


You said I’m the fairest of them all

Mirror Mirror on the wall

I never believed 

That I am excellent
You made my reflexion true 

Mirror Mirror 

I would never argue

With you

(Now read backwards)