Welcome to The Caldron, James Caldwell High School’s Student Newspaper, Online Edition.

James Caldwell High School is located at 265 Westville Avenue, West Caldwell, New Jersey.

Editorial Board

Katie Quigley & Ashvin Nagarajan– Editors-in-Chief

Julie Schmidt – Opinions and Satire Editor

Julia Tuck – News Editor

Ben Mulick and Jessica Rizzo – Arts & Reviews Editor

Justin Kuczborski– Sports Editor

Melissa Freed, Julia Lees, Emma Krupp, and Mike Massotto – Copy Editor

Advisors: Adriana Podvesker & Cheryl Baut

Editorial Policy: All opinion articles and commentaries are the expressed opinion of the author but not of The Caldron, its editorial board, or its advisors. Unsigned editorials are confidential and anonymous. They are written by the editors-in-chief in consultation with the opinions editor and the advisors. Furthermore, the opinions conveyed are not those of the Caldwell/West Caldwell school district, faculty, or Board of Education.

The Caldron is a public forum and welcomes letters to the editor from both the general public and the student body. The editorial board reserves the right to edit letters for clarity and space limitations. Anonymous letters will not be accepted; however, names can be withheld upon request depending on the content of submission.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Email us: caldron@cwcboe.org