Oh, I’m Not a Feminist!

Oh, I’m Not a Feminist!

Emmanuelle Feria

*The following piece is purely satirical and meant for entertainment purposes only*

“Oh, I’m not a feminist!” said the man.  “Do you believe in equal rights for men and women?” asked a woman. “Yes,” replied the man, “but I’m not a feminist.”

   Men, grab your anti-feminist weapons, because feminism is here to stay! New year, same problem. The male denial of the possibility of them actually being feminists and not hating on their own gender. While women have gained many rights over the years, the feminist movement has prospered and has been going strong for quite some time. Their true enemy: the men telling them they have no more to fight for, and their internal enemy–the so called, “feminists” imposters.



 Many men would probably refute their cause for fighting for female rights, saying something along the lines of: “Come on, it’s 2019. Women in America have so many rights. They should stop complaining and be thankful for the rights they have.”  Some women might also go along with this argument, thinking that they are better off without their own participation in this movement. They think to themselves “Well, women are doing pretty well these days. I mean, we can vote, we can get an education, what more could we possibly need? Our fight for gender equality is over”.  While the female gender has, indeed, made tremendous leeway in terms of women’s rights and equality, there is still a ways to go. Other men might believe the feminist argument, but refuse to be associated with a group notoriously famous for its man-hating and its share of sexism. Often confused with feminists, are the feminazis, an internet coined term for women who claim to be feminists, but are the complete opposite. Feminazis find various ways to hate on men and believe women are the superior gender. Feminazis have soiled the reputation of feminists and have discouraged men and other women from joining the feminist movement. After all, who would want to be associated with these people in the first place?

     “I believe in equal rights for men and women, but I’m not a feminist.” Who knew, that being a feminist means you want equal rights for men and women, but that you don’t hate on men! Who knew, that women could still be feminine while being feminists, and that men could still be masculine while being feminists! That as men, they could participate in this positive movement and advocate for gender equality. Not superiority, nor inferiority, but equality, which women have fought for alone for so long, still having their rights and opinions pushed aside. Why continue this tradition of the “us and them” mentality? Why not join women in their fight for unity by means of gender equality?

   It must be difficult for some to grasp this concept, after experiencing sexism and after being given the wrong definition of feminism. Oh, those 21st century men have it so hard these days. Women bashing them for being born male, attacked on the street for being paid more and for denying the wage gap. You can’t blame them, can you? Feminists and feminazis are so hard to tell apart these days.