Alix Earl’s Quick Rise to Fame

Abby Tolchin


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If you have been on Tik Tok recently, the chances of you seeing Alix Earl on your For You page is very high. Alix Earl is a 22-year-old senior at the University of Miami. Over the past few months, she gained a Tik Tok and Instagram following of over 5 million, which is still climbing. Her fame started with a video of her doing a “GRWM” or, in actual words, get ready with me, which went

Photo courtesy of TikTok

viral multiple times. She continues to make these videos simply because fans want to know what skincare and makeup products she uses. She has created a new desire for teenage girls to want products from numerous brands leaving products sold out for weeks. She even has me checking multiple websites a day, waiting for specific products to come back in stock so I can order some for myself. 

Alix grew up in our neighborhood, though. She is from Monmouth Country, New Jersey. She is the oldest of five children, including three younger step-siblings that she has included in some of her videos.

While Alix is still going to school in Miami, majoring in marketing and finishing up her senior year, she is also getting invited to Miley Cyrus’s New Years Eve Party and making GRWM videos with Selena Gomez at her Rare Beauty’s highlighter and under-eye brightener launch. 

While Alix seems to have everything figured out and the perfect life, she shares her acne journey and messy room with her followers. This reminds her followers that she still is a regular person. In her GRWM, she talks about different issues she has gone through, making her viewers feel like they have a personal connection with her, like the two of them are on a facetime call with each other like old friends.

Alix Earl is the “it girl” of social media right now, and I can only imagine what else she will be doing. I am excited to see what new products she convinces me to buy or the next celebrity party she gets invited to.