Cheering Amidst a Pandemic: How the Varsity Cheer Team Has Adjusted

By: Julia Hernandez

For us seniors on the team, dealing with a season full of unknowns was a big challenge to prepare for. As leaders, it was our job to reassure the other members of the team and make sure we looked the best we could. I believe that as a team, we have all shown exemplary leadership on and off the field. In previous years, we would have pasta parties before games, pep rallies, and our highlight of the season: Cheer For the Cure. Unfortunately, this year our fundraising event that we participate in annually was cancelled. The news made everyone on the team really upset, but in the end we came together to find new ways to have fun. 

Photo Courtesy of Julia Hernandez

I also reached out to a new addition to our team, Danielle Perry, who stated, “My first season on the team had a bit of a late start. However, for our last couple of games, we have been able to put in stunts which is a start to a more normal season.” I truly believe that stunting has boosted our efforts entirely and has made us much more delighted to get out and cheer. Although our efforts may not be appreciated by everyone, we still do our best to entertain and be a source of spirit for JCHS. Re-introducing stunting has been our big step in normalizing JCHS sports, and we are very thankful that we can end the season on a high note. Of course, we must thank our dedicated coaches, Susan Bergmann and Susan Callaghan, for encouraging us to have a positive attitude despite the ramifications from the pandemic. As a team, we have them to thank for keeping up the motivation and smiles. Overall, we hope to end the season with lots of “cheer.” 

Photo Courtesy of Julia Hernandez

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