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My JCHS Experience

By: Yugantar Gera As most journeys start, I was unsure about my place and my role at James Caldwell High School; I was unsure about what the school could provide for me […]

The Moving Finger

By: Ashvin Nagarajan Omar Khayyam, a Persian mathematician, once wrote “The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, moves on.” This quote, one of my favorites, is a metaphor for time. It implies […]

The Starting Line

By: Thomas Rodgers Your thoughts are scrambled. The official waves you forward. You walk towards the line with all eyes on you. At this point I typically will think something along the […]


By: Julie Servidio One of the best times in a high school student’s life is his senior year. There are so many things to which one looks forward such as graduation, senior […]