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Sephora Kids: 10-Year-Olds in Sephora

Photo courtesy of YouTube.


Sephora kids, or better known as the 10-year olds who have “taken over” Sephora. Recently, tweens have been heavily influenced through social media such as TikTok and Instagram and have taken over the stores. Sephora employees and shoppers are not exactly thrilled about the invasion. Kids under the age of 13 have been splurging on expensive products using their parents’ money, buying makeup and skincare items that are not even compatible with their age group. Not only has this raised concerns for the sake of other customers, but their own health. Additionally, these children have been causing a commotion at retail locations, destroying product testers, running and yelling, and acting extremely rude to employees. “There are also videos of testers covered in product, stories about rude young customers pushing in line — and dropping major dollars with their parents’ credit cards.” (Allure Kara Nesvig).

Photo courtesy of Allure.


Where It All Started

Social media is everywhere and kids are finding ways to get their hands on it. One study found about 50% of kids and adolescents were spending five hours or more on social media per day. 12% of them are spending up to 10 hours a day on social media(Allure Kara Nesvig). This dramatic increase in social media use by kids has caused a host of problems, incidents, and chaos in public places and stores. For example, the “Sephora kids” are destroying makeup testers, causing lotions and creams to leak and leave a mess all over the stations, putting things back in improper places, and ultimately causing the poor workers to work ten times harder to deal with their commotion.


If you go on to TikTok or Reddit and you search ‘Sephora’ or ‘10-year-olds’ on either of the platforms, you will find tons of Sephora employees and shoppers going on there where they are able to vent about this bratty and entitled behavior that it allowed by the parents from these young shoppers. What happened to shopping at Claire’s? Justice?


Sephora Community Replies

Most of the Sephora shoppers are making comments criticizing how parents of these children are being allowed to ruin things and treat the store as if it was a palace to run around in. Most places want minors under 13 to be accompanied by an adult for the reason listed. Some of the comments left on Sephora’s website are as follows:


“…The issues that I have seen in my local sephoras stretch far beyond children simply damaging testers and being rude. I have witnessed parents drop their children who look no older than 12 off at the doors of the mall or the store and drive off like it’s a daycare service. This then allows the children to treat the store and  mall like they’re a playground. To be completely honest, Sephora is not a child’s store. Unfortunately, unless you live in an area with a Justice or Claire’s, there simply is not a store to cater to young girls who want to express themselves with makeup and skin care.  So, requiring an adult with minors under 13 in the store should be bare minimum” (Sephora Community Threads).


“We need to stop the 9 and 10 year olds destroying Sephora! These kids do not need to be going into Sephora and destroying all of the products! Don’t get me wrong, if the kids’ parents are okay with it, then let them go in accompanied, but DO NOT DESTROY THE PRODUCTS! I feel like these kids aren’t understanding all of the money people pay for these expensive products. It is just being wasteful and disrespectful! You can go in, but just don’t be rude. Respect the employees and shoppers!” (Sephora Community Threads).

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