Fight The Undead And Monsters In “Resident Evil”

Tom Bolger

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The “Resident Evil” franchise has been popular since its debut in 1996, and its popularity has increased throughout the years all the way to 2023. After the first month of the first “Resident Evil” game was released it sold about 5.1 million copies. The newest and latest game in the franchise came out on March 24 2023 which was a remake of “Resident Evil 4” which originally came out on January 11 2005.

“Resident Evil” Highlights

One of the most interesting things about the “Resident Evil” franchise is that the franchise has a lot of different main protagonists with different stories like Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Ethan Winters, and more. The characters have different backstories and personalities which is interesting but their goals are the same, to save friends or family and stop the apocalyptic evil in their world. 

Pros And Cons Of “Resident Evil”

A pro of “Resident Evil” is that Capcom (the creator and owner of the “Resident Evil” franchise) makes more than one character the main protagonist of each game. A con of “Resident Evil” especially in “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” is that there are a lot of jump scares out of nowhere. Another con of “Resident Evil” is that some of the scenes from the different games will gross you out. The final pro of “Resident Evil” is the bravery all the different protagonists showed because they fight the evil in their world for their loved ones and friends.  

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What People Liked About “Resident Evil”

A lot of people loved that “Resident Evil” used different characters as protagonists and there was not just one. A lot of people also liked the weapons and powers players can have in the games. A few people also liked the different settings of each game. A lot of people loved the “Resident Evil 4” Remake game a lot.

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