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Fight The Undead And Monsters In “Resident Evil”

Tom Bolger June 10, 2023

Background The "Resident Evil" franchise has been popular since its debut in 1996, and its popularity has increased throughout the years all the way to 2023. After the first month of the first...

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Become A Survivor Of The End Of The World With Joel And Ellie

Tom Bolger May 15, 2023

Background "The Last Of Us" is a popular video game franchise created by Naughty Dog, LLC, owned by the PlayStation company that debuted in 2013. By the end of the first year of "The Last Of Us," the...

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Explore The Different Worlds Of Different Links

Tom Bolger April 9, 2023

Background The Legend Of The Zelda franchise is one of the most popular and successful video games like Super Mario and The Legend Of Zelda franchise has been around since 1987. At the end of the first...

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Super Mario Franchise Is The Video Game Version Of Mr. Beast

Tom Bolger March 14, 2023

  Background   "Super Mario" is  the most successful video game franchise and has been around since 1985. The main character, Mario, is the mascot of the Nintendo franchise. By the...

God of War Is The God Of Video Games 

“God of War” Is The God Of Video Games 

Tom Bolger December 29, 2022

God of War has been among the most popular video games since 2005. The First God of War game sold approximately 4.6 million copies by the end of the year. The publicity of the first-ever God of War...

The Fastest Hedgehog Around

The Fastest Hedgehog Around

Tom Bolger November 24, 2022

"Sonic The Hedgehog" is a popular video game that was first released in 1991 and sold over two million copies by the end of ‘91. The considerable publicity of the first "Sonic: The Hedgehog'' game...

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