“Christmas Inheritance”: Netflix’s Take On Holiday Movies

“Christmas Inheritance”: Netflix’s Take On Holiday Movies

Emma Weinert

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Many people, including myself, enjoy watching holiday movies during the holiday season. For the past few years, Netflix has jumped on the holiday movie bandwagon and produced several original holiday movies. Since I love watching Hallmark holiday movies, I decided to try watching one of the Netflix Original holiday movies. After browsing all of the Netflix Original holiday movies, I decided to watch “Christmas Inheritance,” which was released in December 2017. “Christmas Inheritance” was directed by Ernie Barbarash and stars Eliza Taylor, Jake Lacy, and Andie MacDowell. 

Ellen Langford is a party girl who decides that she is ready to move away from the party lifestyle and prove to her father that she is prepared to take over the family business. Before Ellen can inherit her father’s business, she must deliver a special Christmas  letter to her dad’s former business partner in Snow Falls. In Snow Falls, Ellen befriends Jake, manager of the Snow Falls Guest House inn. As Ellen spends time in Snow Falls, her relationship with Jake develops, and she starts to appreciate small-town life. Ellen realizes she does not want to return to her old life in New York City with her fiancé. However, reality eventually kicks in when Ellen’s fiancé arrives at the inn. After Ellen’s fiancé convinces her that they need to return to New York City, and after getting into an argument with Jake, Ellen decides it is time to leave Snow Falls. However, like in every other holiday movie, there is a happy ending. After being on the road for only a few minutes, Ellen decides that she wants to return to Snow Falls and break up the engagement with her fiancé. Once Ellen arrives at Snow Falls, she makes amends with Jake and realizes that she genuinely loves being in Snow Falls. 

I thought this movie was a cute Christmas movie that puts viewers in a festive mood. Since this movie takes place in a classic Christmas town, it creates a cozy feel and is fun to watch during the holiday season. However, compared to the other Hallmark holiday movies I have watched, I enjoyed it less. One flaw was that the two main characters, who were supposed to fall in love with each other, had no chemistry. It was weird to watch because I felt that the two main characters were not a great match for each other. Also, like many other holiday movies, the storyline is very predictable. I do not mind this since I like how watching a holiday movie creates a cozy atmosphere and puts me in a festive mood. However, if you are someone who gets very bored watching any movie where there are not any plot twists, this movie may not be very entertaining. Overall, this movie was fun to watch during the holiday season.