My High School Career


Sandra Benlian

I believe an internship would be a more accurate way of describing my time at James Caldwell. I certainly learned a lot, both by very experienced individuals, as well as some questionable and interesting characters. The business had to take COUNTLESS sick days, spanning as much as over an entire year, and some new training had to be undergone, but despite all the uncertain days, we all are making it out. 

James Caldwell was a place where I have made a handful of obscure memories—usually having to do with members of the animal kingdom. Watching the ducklings grow, avoiding the turtles roaming the floors of the science classroom, chasing a mouse loose in the hallway, and even attempting to create a livable environment for fish (which in hindsight, was not the best idea to leave lives in the hands of teenagers with Tupperware, tap water, and attention deficiency). But, moments like these are what reminded me about all the wonderful moments that can be found in the mundane, and there are countless instances of unity in James Caldwell, aside from ones being a result of animals.

 Though we all dreaded the freshman year debate project, we were all united in our fear. We have all sought after the library as our safe haven, and we all have stopped at one point or another to coo over the ducklings. We celebrate the fire drills which provide an escape from our classrooms, or the days we walk into the classroom of a substitute teacher. Some things as simple as making announcements over the loudspeaker, or getting the unit you wanted in PE, or being greeted at the door by Mr. Devlin might be something that puts a smile on your face. 

As seniors, there are some wonderful things we’ve gotten to experience, like winning state championships, having pieces featured in the Teen Art Show, delayed openings and the improvised Bonnell Field Day, open campus, and so on. Although we were lucky enough to have our Senior Year despite COVID, we lost a lot of precious time to grow through high school, meet all the people we could have, and learn all we might have. Though I have not felt as though my role as a James Caldwell student was fully fulfilled, this internship has certainly helped pave my way towards a real career in my future. I have learned a lot about myself, and what I want for my life, as well as learning a lot about other people, and the specialty that lies within each of them. High school is a place where people of all kinds and ages are put together, and somehow unity can still be achieved in countless different ways, even if it might be hidden behind an assignment or an alarm.