Outer Banks Season 3: Is It Worth the Watch?

Sophia Mastice

Photo courtesy of Seventeen

This past week, the highly anticipated third season of the hit Netflix series Outer Banks was released.  Many students at JCHS are fans of the show, and watched the most recent season. Lots of people enjoyed this season according to Alejandro Lago; “I liked it a lot and thought it was really good.”  Many Netflix viewers seem to agree, as all 3 seasons are at the top of Netflix’s most watched list, and season 3 drew in 99 million hours viewed worldwide. I personally think season 2 is the best season, and while I really enjoyed season 3, I think it could have been better, and could be messy at times. However, I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys shows with a lot of action and drama. 

There were a lot of things I really liked about this season. For example; the characters all had great chemistry together, and the cast did a very good job making the audience like and care about the characters. The cast has amazing chemistry with each other, they convince the audience that they have been friends for years. I really liked Cleo’s character, and thought she fit in really well with the other characters, and when I went to rewatch season one and two, I forgot she wanted to be a part of the original cast. Another element in season 3 that I enjoyed was JJ and Kiara’s relationship. One of my favorite parts of season 3 was Rafe’s character. I liked seeing him break off from his family and I want to see what he does in season 4. I thought the writers delivered on their chemistry from the previous seasons, and it was very satisfying when they finally got together. My favorite episode was episode one, I thought it answered many questions the audience had about what happened where season 2 left off. 

While I did like this season, there were a lot of elements I feel should have been changed. 

For instance, the main characters kept getting split up, and I found it really unnecessary. I also thought that the sub plot with John B and his dad was pointless, and I skipped a lot of the scenes with them. The writers built up his father for the previous two seasons, and made it seem as if he was a good dad and him coming back would help solve a lot of the Pogue’s problems. However, he keeps getting his son in trouble and makes him lie to his friends. This upset me because he was built up to be an important character, and ended up being a huge disappointment. Another element of the season I didn’t like was the main villain, as he wasn’t intimidating, and just came off as forced and not believable. His connections to the main characters and the plot were too much of a stretch, and required the audience to suspend their disbelief too much.