The Most Popular and Unpopular Holiday Gifts of 2022

Olivia Truzzolino

Have you ever wondered what the most popular gifts received this holiday season were? Or maybe you wondered what your classmate’s favorite presents to receive, and give, were during the

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holidays? To help answer these questions, I have compiled a list of the most popular types of gifts received and given and the most undesirable gifts shared this 2022 holiday season.

Popular: After gathering a census of 12th-grade students at JCHS, about 52% of respondents preferred to receive gift cards/money, 19% preferred clothes, 13% preferred electronics, 8% preferred jewelry, and another 8% selected shoes. Aside from general preferences, students also provided their favorite gift that they received this year. Many students responded with a new iPhone, wireless headphones, hydro flasks, Taylor Swift concert tickets, and sunglasses.

Unpopular: When asked about their favorite items received during the holiday season, students were also asked what their most unpopular items received. The

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most overwhelming response was socks! Other students said their least favorite items were hoodies, blankets, and pajamas. However, many students replied with “NONE” as their answer, enjoying the gifts they received throughout the season.

Aside from the most popular and unpopular gifts received, students were also asked what their favorite type of gift to give was. 53% of students responded with gift cards/money, similar to the majority opinion for the most popular gifts received. About 19% favored giving self-care products, 17% preferred jewelry, and the remaining students said shoes and electronics. 

Looking back at this holiday season, it is clear that many enjoyable gifts were given and received. While they shared their opinions on what they did and did not like to receive, each student expressed gratitude toward the holiday season and each item they received.