Senior Commitment Day

Julia Hernandez

May 1st is the National College Decision Day for every graduating class of high school seniors. This year, James Caldwell High School had seniors wear their school apparel on both Cohort A and Cohort B days on April 29th and 30th. However, I, along with other classmates, decided to gather at an event that would return normalcy to our Senior Commitment Day. All Seniors of the Class of 2021 were invited to Grover Cleveland Park to take the usual photos that prior classes have taken in years past. Instead of being on the front lawn of the school, we decided to hold this event out of school to control social distancing. Also, since May 1st fell on a Saturday this year, it felt appropriate to celebrate on the actual Senior Commitment Day. It was a success to say the least, with a turnout of about 60 seniors all wearing their college apparel with pride.

Photo Courtesy of Julia Hernandez

Every senior who attended the event was advised to social distance and wear masks optionally. Smaller groups took pictures with each other to prevent mixing, and of course in the photo above everyone got together for that minute. The Class of 2021 has had less than a normal year, and this event surely brought smiles to faces. Students in our graduating class are going to a variety of schools that range across the country, from the East to the West coast. In addition, there is a student who is travelling overseas for college. This has changed a lot of plans for seniors because college orientations are now being held virtually, or outside with social distancing. However, students are still expecting a normal return for their freshman year of college, unlike what the Class of 2020 had. 

Happy smiles were seen again on May 1st without masks as if it were a normal year. Several students appreciated having the ability to get together especially during these unprecedented times. With a good portion of seniors being vaccinated, this event was thus proven to be a safe encounter. Everyone who showed up was ecstatic to see faces they haven’t seen all year, or reunite with their friends. I, for one, was glad I got to see my old friends who I hadn’t seen since before the pandemic. The Class of 2021 Class Council members have been working diligently to try and return some normalcy to seniors. Although the debt from a third of our junior year and our entire senior year being disrupted is large, little events like these turn into big memories.

Photo Courtesy of Julia Hernandez