Biden’s Stimulus Plan: What It Means For Americans

Julia Hernandez


The light is officially at the end of the tunnel: with a huge thank you to President Joseph Biden for signing a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill into law. But what will this truly mean for Americans? Those who are eligible will receive a $1,400 check, including single tax filers that make up to $75,000 or married couples making up to $160,000 a year ( 

This has been the third of stimulus plans to be passed in the span of one year, due to the overwhelming effects that have struck Americans from COVID-19. President Biden has voiced his support for this stimulus package and truly believes that this will, “give people in this nation—working people, middle class folks, people who built the country—a fighting chance” ( Being one of the most generous COVID-19 relief packages to ever be passed, there is a lot of hope for its effects. 

Not only are there going to be large distributions of $1,400 checks for Americans who are eligible, but there will also be extended unemployment benefits such as $300 a week until September. Of course, if qualified, this means a lot for people who have been living an unsteady lifestyle due to the pandemic, and can truly aid their burdens. Moreover, housing assistance will be provided within state and local governments. About 30-40 million people living in the United States were at risk of getting evicted if the federal government had not intervened, according to Forbes. 

This is a big accomplishment by the federal government for passing this bill into law. Without the help of Congress, this bill would not have reached the very own desk of the President. Georgia voters who elected Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are being commended because without those two Senators, it is possible this would have never been passed. 

Since the pandemic started, millions of families have been affected from this virus in detrimental ways. Whether it was losing a family member or losing a job, the federal government needed to intervene by passing these checks. Now, people who were financially affected can have the opportunity to dig themselves out of the hole that the pandemic put them in. This could be the start for real change in this country, which is evidently always needed. For the first time in a long time, there seems to be some positivity surrounding this pandemic, and the stimulus checks should definitely ease millions of minds.