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AP Studio Art

By: Sandra Benlian

Photo Courtesy of Sandra Benlian

This year I had the opportunity to take the AP Studio Art class, which has no doubt been my favorite class! For those who have a love for art, I would definitely recommend signing up for this class. Now, some may be wondering what an AP Art class entails. Well, the art aspect is a given. However, what’s unique about this AP class is the fact that there is no written test to sit down and take. Instead, the objective is working on a personal portfolio, following a theme you get to choose for an exploratory study. We had a requirement of 15 pieces, plus an additional five, showcasing technical skill and understanding of artistic principles. 

Photo Courtesy of
Sandra Benlian

This was such a great opportunity, because we get a lot of freedom in creating artwork which you wish to plan personally and spend your time on. There are quite honestly almost no restrictions on what you can create, as long as you are able to properly explain what your purpose and thought process behind its creation was. The class allowed me to experiment with lots of different styles, as well as mediums. Mrs. Petruziello, who taught the class, was a very encouraging and helpful mentor. She is never at a loss of ideas of what new mediums we can try or different ways we can go about really getting our ideas across with our art and imagery. 

Another great part of the class is the critique days which are held. At some point during the duration of projects being worked on, the class takes some time to look at each other’s artwork, provide insight regarding the pieces, and give feedback about what they like and what they believe can be done to elevate the work. This helped us see our art in a new light, and is a good opportunity to experience critiques in a familiar environment before heading off into the real world of art. Aside from the AP portfolios, we worked on separate class projects that involved realism, mixed media, still-lives, and so on. All in all, AP Studio Art was a class in which I got to create art, grow as an artist, and learn more about the artistry of others as well. I highly recommend the class for those who also love art, and I am glad I got to experience it!

Photo Courtesy of Sandra Benlian

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