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The New Bakery in Town

By: Katie Quigley

Recently, a Little Falls based bakery moved right down the street from my house to their new location on Bloomfield Avenue. Asalt and Buttery specializes specifically in macarons, a French meringue cookie that has recently become a trending confection globally; even right here in Caldwell. Aside from their macarons, Asalt and Buttery bakes delicious treats from chocolate chip cookies to cappuccino-flavored tarts. Since it’s now less than five minutes away from my house, my family and I decided to try out some of their creations.

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In my opinion, the macarons from Asalt and Buttery are the best out of any of the macarons sold around Caldwell. They come in flavors ranging from classic vanilla to birthday cake, and they always have such a great flavor for such a thin cookie. My other favorite treat from the bakery was the s’more’s tart. A toasted marshmallow topped the chocolate that filled a coating of graham cracker crumbs. Needless to say, it reminded me of sitting outside on a hot summer night making s’mores. In addition to the s’mores, I also bought a cappuccino tart and a peanut butter caramel tart, which were very good. There’s a bakery down the shore that I always thought had the best croissants; however, I think Asalt and Buttery may challenge it. Speaking of breakfast pastries, their scones are delicious, as well. With the knowledge I have of the bakery goods I bought, I can’t wait to go back and try the other things Asalt and Buttery has to offer.

Asalt and Buttery, depending on how much you are willing to spend on bakery goods, varies in price. The macarons are a little pricey, but they are well worth it. Always fresh, they are always unique and never fail to please. They also make favors for parties. I had them for my Confirmation a couple months ago, and everyone in my family loved them. Now that they are conveniently located in Caldwell, you should definitely pay a visit!