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Treasured Object Poems


 “Treasured Object Poems”  pay tribute to a cherished possession.  
In a free-verse poem – which may rhyme or not rhyme –writers describe the object, along with the emotions and memories that are  associated with the object. 


Running down the hill,

Feeling my feet touch the ground,

Watching the concrete pass,

Down the street I go,

As I run towards home,

“Slow down” was the best part,

Shouting from my parents behind,

Now we are all separated,

My world fell apart,

Living in separate houses,

It was hard, but the time flew by,

“It’s so unfair” I say out loud,

“Life isn’t fair” says everyone around me,

There are no happy ever afters,

Not in this fairytale,

Heartbreak almost everyday,

Too busy to play,

Working all day,

And doing homework all night,

Never going to bed,

Until the time turns to midnight,

There is no correct moment,

To try and relax,

But even then there is no time to relax,

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead” my step-mom says,

And that is the truth,

I would never lie,

About the things in my life,

But when the world around me gets hard,

There is no one to count on but myself,

I take it with a grain of salt,

And never forget the time that is now lost,

Even though it’s a short goodbye,

The little red house with my father,

My childhood home,

I promise you, you were the best thing that happened in my life.

Bunny  By Jacqueline Manfro

A wave of emotions comes over me

When I think of my Bunny 

With soft brown fur and beady eyes

I can count on Bunny to help me realize

It’s only normal to feel mad

Jealous, emotional and even sad

It came to me when I was young

A Christmas gift from a loved one

Living on my bed so long

It’s always there, I can never go wrong

Bunny helped me time and time again

Even now and even then

Nostalgic, meaningful, and adored

I look to it when I am bored

Or don’t know what else to do

And even when I’m opposite of blue

So happy, yes, I can be so

And Bunny sits waiting with a glow

 Kitty by Kelly Sodano

Kitty, My hero

The smell of dawn flowers 

Light, distressed, yellow, starburst in color

Small enough to cuddle 

Protecting me from my scariest nights 

Watching me grow 

From my Sketchers in a little store seeing a stuffed animal

From checking out of the store with my new friend 

To meeting my new hero 

A sunshine in the darkest days of my childhood 

My guidance, My protector, My best friend

Traveling the furthest of places 

Florida, Delaware, School 

With a shooting star on her paw 

So little yet so big in my heart

Capturing all the salty tears 

Holding my hand when nobody else would 

Evergreen eyes like the trees outside of my window 

Offering a sweet escape from fear 

A desire for serotonin, safety, security 

A desire she granted 

Although she is my childhood stuffed animal 

I will never grow from her comfort 

I will never forget the memories 

I know I have no favorites but..

To my life time companion 

You will always be held just a little tighter. 

Thank you.

My Broken Dog By Addie Stafford

A little ceramic dog I got at a garden store

Yellow fur with hints of gold

A fur coat intricately carved with each line

Shining black glass eyes

A little black nose

Small enough for me to carry around


Give him baths in my sink

Watch tv with him on my couch

Pretend to feed him some of my dinner

Put him to bed in my pajama drawer

The night my brother knocked him off the counter

A big hole was smashed out of his head when he hit the bathroom floor

I put him away in my drawer 

And I didn’t take it out until years later

My parents tried to buy me another, but it wasn’t the same

This one hadn’t been on all my adventures

It hadn’t grown so close to me

It wasn’t mine

What I really wanted was my old one to be fixed, but I knew that couldn’t happen

Too many of its pieces lost that night 

Little chips I’d never be able to find

Pieces that might seem insignificant, but without them, it would never be complete

It is broken, but I still have it with me, on my bedroom dresser

All its broken pieces are pieces of my past

Whether they are gone now or not

They will always be a part of me

I keep my broken dog

And I will never get rid of it

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