My JCHS Experience

Yugantar Gera

As most journeys start, I was unsure about my place and my role at James Caldwell High School; I was unsure about what the school could provide for me and what I could provide for the school. I mean school is just a place to study and take tests, right? During my time here at JCHS, I have learned it is much more than just that. It is about creating life long memories with the ones who understand and care about you the most. Even when I started freshman year, however, I was laying the foundation to really grow myself as an individual and to contribute to my community.


One of my greatest experiences was playing for the school soccer team for all four years. Not only was I able to play the sport I loved but I was also able to play it with the people I cared about the most. The best part about this was when individuals from the soccer team would spend one day over the summer at a Habitat for Humanity site. It was not only an opportunity to create new friendships but also give back to my community. I am also really appreciative of the unconditional support from the faculty and staff for ideas. When I wanted to start a new club or even a school event, everyone guided me through the process and helped me pursue my passion. These experiences are just a glimpse of the genuine care and support from the faculty in not only enabling students to pursue their passions but also help the community. These experiences helped me realize that being a good student does not end when I leave school, but rather it is my actions toward my community.

Despite all the opportunities I have created at JCHS, none of them will be as important and satisfying to me as the experiences the school has provided for me. From the Food Truck Fridays to the Culture Club Festivals, I have realized it is the little things I will remember most from my time at JCHS. The friendships I have created started from these little events, and now when I look back I realize that school is much more than just about studying. It is about creating opportunities for you to grow and help others around you. JCHS is truly a place of possibilities. You just have to go create them for yourself.