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To the students of JCHS…

To the students of JCHS…

Charley Albert June 22, 2023

Somehow, my high school career is coming to an end. During these past few weeks, as I get closer and closer to my graduation, I have been reflecting on my formative time at JCHS. I remember when I was...

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Charley Albert’s AP Art Portfolio

Charley Albert June 10, 2023

As of May 5, the AP Art Studio students submitted their portfolios to the College Board. We saw all kinds of different styles, themes, and mediums at JCHS this year. Artists expanded their skills and challenged...

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Party School Review

Charley Albert May 12, 2023

For pretty much any high schooler, senior year is a very stressful time. At the beginning of twelfth grade, students are bombarded with questions about their future, college applications, and the SATs...

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Arts and Review: A Review of Broadway’s “Funny Girl”

Charley Albert March 10, 2023

There are some movies, shows, and performances so impressive that they will always stick with you, and Broadway’s "Funny Girl" is one of them. The play was so phenomenal that once the curtains closed...

States and Universities Alike Are Banning TikTok

States and Universities Alike Are Banning TikTok

Charley Albert February 9, 2023

People across the country can agree that TikTok has had several adverse effects on society. Like any social media platform, TikTok has been used to spread false and misleading information, brew unrealistic...

My Revelations as an Intern on a Congressional Campaign

My Revelations as an Intern on a Congressional Campaign

Charley Albert November 24, 2022

Throughout the past few months, a great portion of my time has been spent interning for the Mikie Sherrill Campaign. On November 8th, Mikie Sherrill was reelected for her third time as Congresswoman...

The SAT of the Future

The SAT of the Future

Charley Albert October 25, 2022

Photo courtesy of insidehighered.com Many students at JCHS know what it is like to get up early on a Saturday morning and take the SAT. High school students in the United States...

Finland to be a Member of NATO

Finland to be a Member of NATO

Charley Albert June 16, 2022

"www.sambatimes.in" When Vladimir Putin initially invaded Ukraine this past February, many knew that the attack would precipitate changes in societies, governments, and relationships between...

News: Earth Overshoot Day

News: Earth Overshoot Day

Charley Albert May 16, 2022

"newscientist.com" Every year, on the twenty second of April, the people of the world take some time to think about planet Earth with all the resources and beauties it has given...

Chloe Kim Goes for Gold

Chloe Kim Goes for Gold

Charley Albert March 13, 2022

In the 2018 Winter Olympics, Americans were introduced to Chloe Kim. Kim, described as “arguably the greatest female snowboarder of all time” by the Olympics website, became the youngest woman...

The Variant of Concern

The Variant of Concern

Charley Albert January 15, 2022

"cnbc.com" The World Health Organization (or the WHO) has been referencing the new variant of COVID-19 as “The Variant of Concern.” This new variant was reported to the WHO on November 24 of...

The Restaurant Industry’s Struggles Amidst the Pandemic

Charley Albert October 30, 2021

"shutterstock.com" The social climate of today is vastly different compared to what it was a year ago. Many people are now vaccinated, more and more places have been opening up, and kids are back...

What Happened To Daunte Wright?

Charley Albert May 29, 2021

"nytimes.com" By family and friends, Duante Wright will be remembered for his contagious smile. At his funeral on April 22, which was nationally televised, his mother...

COVID-19’s Influence On Climate Change

Charley Albert February 7, 2021

"greentechmedia.com" The coronavirus has created tremendous waves in many areas of life. It has made its mark on society in plenty of obvious ways: wearing masks, social distancing and online schooling....

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 21: Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett meets with U.S. Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) on October 21, 2020 in Washington, DC. President Donald Trump nominated Barrett to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg after her death. (Photo by Sarah Silbiger-Pool/Getty Images)

Amy Coney Barrett: A Look at the President’s Nominee for the Supreme Court

Charley Albert November 2, 2020

After the passing of Supreme Court Justice and women’s rights legend Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Trump promptly announced his nomination to fill the highly regarded seat.  One important detail...

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