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TikTok Tell-All: From Love to Lies

Reesa Teesa broke the internet when she shared how her life was turned upside down after marrying Jerome “Legion” McCoy. She begins with how they met in March 2020 and discusses details from their first date, moving in together, her pregnancy, and their marriage. Unfortunately, the relationship was too good to be true — his lies and manipulation culminated with their divorce in August 2021, just six months after they were married. The whole series is almost eight hours in total, so I would recommend listening to it at 2x speed on YouTube if you are interested in hearing all the details. Reesa decided to share her story because she thought it could help other women who may not realize they are in an unhealthy relationship.

Reesa shares her 50-part story in 10-minute clips on her TikTok account, @reesamteesa.
Photo courtesy of TIikTok.

Throughout the story, she refers to her now ex-husband under the pseudonym Legion to protect his identity, but he has since come forward under his real name. She describes how they met after matching on an online dating platform, and how she initially thought he was her knight in shining armor. After her tire blew on the way to their first date at the Cheesecake Factory, she called him to cancel. To her surprise, he showed up and changed her tire, something she was not used to as a woman who was fiercely independent and had paid her own bills her whole life. She felt like they had a real connection and was surprised by how charming he was.


He told her all about his life. He had moved out to California and played football at San Diego State. After graduating, he began working for a large condiment company in California and was transferred to Georgia as a regional manager. He came from a large family and talked to them every day. The only problem? All of it was a lie. However, Reesa had no reason to doubt him. She could have never imagined the man she would marry by the end of the year was a pathological liar and a master manipulator. She told him about her past and that she was looking for something long-term, and he seemed to be on the same page.


When the world shut down and COVID lockdowns were first introduced, they decided to move in together. They had only been dating for two weeks, and her house had more space, so Legion moved in with Reesa while they looked for the house they would start their family in. Every morning, he called his brother before heading to work at the condiment company. She admired his relationship with his family and felt confident this was the man she would spend the rest of her life with. They met with a realtor and began looking at houses, but Legion refused to show the agent his financial information.

Jerome “Legion” McCoy shared a ‘screenshot’ of his alleged offshore bank account on his since-deleted TikTok account. One YouTuber remarks that it looks like a screenshot from a 1998 Windows computer.
Photo courtesy of TikTok.

Reesa was confused. She knew he had the money, so why wouldn’t he provide the realtor with the proof of funds so they could put a down payment on the house? She had seen his accounts with her own eyes, and he had hundreds of thousands of dollars stored in his savings. After their offers kept falling through, Reesa realized she was pregnant. This changed everything. Even though they were not married yet, she had a traditional upbringing and wanted to get married. They put their search for a house on hold to consider their future together.


By now, they had been together for several months. After a miscarriage, Reesa was devastated but still wanted to get married. However, she began to uncover the truth after she discovered inconsistencies in what he told her and what she saw. When they filed for their marriage license, she secretly wrote down his Social Security Number because she felt like something was off. When she went to run a background check, nothing was found. Maybe she wrote the number down wrong? No, he had used a fake Social Security Number.


Her suspicions were confirmed when she asked him for his social security number on a job application. Since they were married, she needed to provide it to be considered for a position. She ran a background check with this SSN without his knowledge and was shocked by what he found. He had lied to her about where he had lived. There was no mention of California anywhere on the report. How could that be possible? She knew he had gone to San Diego State and played football there, so she knew right then and there that something much more sinister was at play.


⚠️ Please be advised that there are spoilers below. Read on at your own risk! ⚠️


After she called San Diego State, she found out that he had never attended the school. This was only the tip of the iceberg. She reveals how she called his ex-wife and found out that he had lied about why they had gotten divorced. She conducts more research and finds out that her husband, who had claimed his father was a former police officer and had the utmost respect for law enforcement, was a convicted felon for impersonating a detective. She got in touch with his brother, and she continued unraveling his web of lies.

Reesa connected with Legion’s relatives on FaceBook and found surprising information about him.
Photo courtesy of FaceBook.

Her older brother helped her better understand his real family tree. His two sisters? Completely made up. His half-brothers? Not real. No clue who they are. Legion had made up family members and pretended to be in contact with family members he had not spoken to in years. All of the phone calls he had in front of her were completely fake. He had spoken to himself for thirty minutes with no one on the other line. Reesa knew she could no longer trust a word he said. As his ex-wife said, everything he says is a lie.


After everything, Reesa wanted to give Legion a final chance to tell her the truth. She wanted him to own up to all the lies. She knew from the background check that he was not an executive, but a forklift executive. When she confronted him, he replied nonchalantly that he had never lied to her. This sent Reesa over the edge, and she kicked him out of her house. She knew then and there that she was going to file for divorce. She did not want to be married to him for a minute longer. She was afraid of what she might do if he continued living under the same roof as her.


When Reesa saw him again months later to sign the divorce agreement, Legion had lost a significant amount of weight. He had not been eating and he had been bedridden for weeks. Even though she was worried about him, she no longer cared what happened to him after all of the lies. None of his friends or family members were in contact with him because he owed them money and they were fed up with their lies. Reesa was confident in her decision to get a divorce, but she felt sorry that he had no one in his life who cared about him.

None of Legion’s friends or family would let him stay with them, so he decided to live out of his car.
Photo courtesy of Google.

She realized he had been living in his car, which confirmed her suspicions about another one of his lies. He did not have any money. The savings account he had shown her was a screenshot from Google Images he had downloaded. He did not have a cent to his name. He only seemed like a provider because he would use all of his earnings to pay her monthly expenses, which were low. He created an illusion of security that he could not maintain long-term. However, he felt no remorse for the lies he told her. It was almost like he believed them himself.

Their divorce was finalized in August 2021, 6 months after they were officially married in January 2021.
Photo courtesy of Google.

After their divorce was finalized, Reesa cut all ties with her now ex-husband. The terms of their divorce stated she now owned all of his belongings, and he had signed it without even reading the agreement. His car was repossessed and he found himself in the same situation as when he first met her. Their whole relationship was built on a lie because he could never be the supportive husband she needed. He accused her of stealing his money and cheating on him, which she never did. In fact, he cheated on her several times and she overlooked it.


Their relationship serves as a warning to other couples that marriage is built on honesty and connection. Reesa was not the first woman Legion did this to, and she will not be the last. He is a self-proclaimed relationship coach who continues to lie to women and deny Reesa’s story. It is clear that he is up to his old tricks. One of his other ex-wives and his former stepson came forward and confirmed details Reesa revealed in her TikTok series. He could have maintained his anonymity, but he chose to come forward under his real name.


After watching all of Reesa’s videos, her ex-husband’s reply, and the live video from one of his ex-wives, it is clear that there is much to be learned from their marriage. Love is not something that can be rushed and he was able to get away with his lies because of COVID. Reesa was isolated from the world around her and had no safety net to take her out of a situation that could have turned worse. Reesa is grateful that she did not have a baby with him or tie herself to him financially because she could have been trapped if she did not get out when she did.


If you would like to hear the story directly from the source, you can access Parts 1-30, Parts 31-52, and Legion’s Response by clicking on the links provided.

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