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Anyone But You Review

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“Anyone But You” is a romantic comedy that took over the internet before the movie was even released. The two stars of the movie are Sydney Sweeney who is well known for her character, Cassie, in the show “Euphoria.” In this movie, she plays Bea who goes through a break up which hits her family harder than it hits her. Her co-star Glen Powell plays Ben, who takes part in a fake romance with Bea. Shortly after the release date, December 22nd, 2023, a TikTok trend took over the internet internationally. The movie is centered around two individuals, Ben and Bea, who fall in love during the night they spend together. The following morning, they part ways over a miscommunication. 


Six months later, they reunite due to Bea’s sister getting married to Ben’s best friend’s sister. The wedding takes place in Sydney, Australia, which is where the majority of the movie takes place. Ben and Bea constantly fight, which is when their family decide to plan to get them to fall in love, so they won’t ruin their wedding. Ben and Bea catch on quickly but decide to fake their love for each other to get Bea’s family off her back about her past relationship and help Ben get a girl. Throughout the movie, they reveal their feelings about what happened when they first met which brings them together.

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Pros – 

Anyone But You is a comedic romance that grabbed the attention of millions of people. Many individuals have mixed feelings about this movie, but here are some of the positives. First, this movie has a very intriguing plot. The movie focuses on not just the romance, but other things as well, including some danger, fights, schemes and of course, love. Furthermore, while watching the movie, we felt that every scene was relevant. We were never bored during the movie. There was also some great tension and foreshadowing in the movie which kept many viewers interested. This movie grasped the attention of mainly young women; the trend on TikTok was started with the song “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield, which allowed this song to resurface and regain popularity. This song was featured in the movie as Ben’s serenity song which calmed him while he traveled on a plane. Bea found out about the song which is what truly connected them towards the end of the movie. Many fell in love with the storyline, and we felt that every scene was important and entertaining, never a dull moment. 


Cons –

On the other hand, although the movie was very entertaining, we feel that there are some negative aspects. First off, some of the acting felt very staged and cringeworthy. Moreover, some may say that the movie contained an abundance of foul language and inappropriate scenes. Depending on the viewer, this could either be funny or taken the wrong way. Also, the movie is only 1 hour and 44 minutes long. To some, this movie feels rather rushed. 


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To sum up our opinions on the movie, we decided to host our conversation. 


“Lucie, overall, what was your favorite scene in the movie?” 


Lucie: “My favorite scene in the movie is when Bea and Ben got rescued by a helicopter after Bea fell in the harbor. Ben jumps off the yacht after Bea which shows he truly cares about her. They then were being pulled up when Bea started singing “Unwritten,” which calmed Ben because he was afraid of heights. This showed that even though they argued and disliked each other, in reality, they both cared for each other and had feelings that never went away. Hey Jacqueline, who is your favorite character and why?” 


Jacqueline: “My favorite character would have to be Bea. I like her because she was inspiring throughout the movie. For example, she quit law school because it wasn’t truly what she enjoyed doing and she wanted to follow her dreams. Despite her parents and her entire family pushing her, she chose her path. I found her character iconic and she stood out to me. Lucie, if you could change the ending to the movie what would have happened instead of Bea and Ben ending up together?”                                                                             


Lucie: “I wouldn’t have changed the ending but if I had to I would have liked to see Bea meet someone who truly accepts her for her and followed her throughout her passions and aspirations. Ben is that person for Bea which made me and many viewers believe that there is someone out there for everyone who accepts you for you and believes in your dreams. Jacqueline, last question, do you believe that Ben and Bea would have found their way back to each other if they weren’t connected through her sister?” 


Jacqueline: “Honestly I feel like they would always have a connection, but I don’t think they would have ended up together if it weren’t for the wedding in Australia. The majority of the movie’s setting is focused in Australia, and neither of them would be there if it weren’t for Bea’s sister’s wedding.” 

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