What’s to Come

By Kris Schneider, Editor-in-Chief

Progress. Moving forward. Fulfilling our dreams and dreaming on again. Members of the classes of 2015, from high schools as far as Beijing, London, California, and as close as our own James Caldwell High School, we stand to be a part of the greatest generation that has ever lived in the history of civilization. We have the tools to do great things for each other and for the benefit of the world. As long as there is progress, there will be dreams to match. What is a computer without a wiz thinking of new ways to utilize its resources to better society? What is a newspaper without the journalist who dares to question the norm and get answers?

My education has afforded me an amazing perspective on the world. From my perch in the classroom, I have witnessed thousands of years of achievements of our ancestors. From the first writing and history to the complex mathematics that powers our world, dreamers have always been at the forefront of success. This perspective also offers the converse side of humankind. From my living room, I have witnessed atrocities beyond belief, from the September 11th attacks to the ongoing suffering of peoples around the globe from hunger, poverty, and seemingly never ending war. But again, dreamers are at the forefront of success. The United States rose, and is continuing to fully rise, from the ashes of the Twin Towers. Millions of hours and dollars have been spent in an effort to improve quality of life around the world. And none of it would be possible had it not been for goals, forged progress, and a resolve that things will get better if we try.

Being a school newspaper editor allowed me to examine the writing of dozens of students and to interpret their own perspectives on society. That’s the most gratifying experience I will take away from The Caldron, and probably my high school experience at large. Open-mindedness is something that I have developed and hope to strengthen and maintain throughout the rest of my life. When I sat in the computer lab editing articles, it was important to me to consider perspective. How does the writer feel about the topic? Although we always strive to be unbiased, if you look at how another person writes about a topic, it is quite clear through expression how they feel. I would call this a skill, one that I would not have had the privilege to develop were it not for The Caldron and my amazing teachers.

So. As we move on and continue dreaming, progress will jog alongside us, waiting for the right people with the right ideas to make the world a better place. And it all started with education. Little by little, building perspective and applying it to our actions yield the results that have the potential to influence the world.