Moving On

Moving On

Maryellen Kane

When I was in first grade, my oldest brother graduated from James Caldwell High School. Back then, I could not imagine myself being in high school and thought all of the high schoolers were so grown up. My own high school graduation seemed so far away. As I write this, I am only two short weeks away from graduating from James Caldwell High School. I wish my first-grade self could see me now, and how distinctly not grown up I feel. 

I am confident that I am not alone in feeling like my high school years have felt simultaneously as if they have flown by and been the longest years of my life. Marked by over a year of uncertainty and uncharted territory, my formative years in high school have definitely not been what I anticipated them to be. When I entered high school in 2019, I was nervous about the years ahead of me. I worried that I would not be able to keep up with the workload that had been threatened to us as “so much harder than middle school.” Despite my worries, though, I entered high school hopeful for what the next four years would bring me. I feel that same nervous-excitement as I prepare to enter college in August— ready for a new chapter of my life but also apprehensive about all of the unanswered questions. 

Each year of high school assuredly had its ups and downs. Whether it was staring blankly at my math homework for the third night in a row without a clue how to do it, or learning to adjust to new social situations, high school can definitely be a time full of complex navigations for students. After each year ended, though, I have always felt nothing but grateful for my experiences and all the lessons learned—both academically and personally. I am thankful for all of my teachers who have helped me along the way and intercepted moments of panic before tests or quizzes. I am further grateful for all of the experiences that I have had through JCHS during the years. Whether it be high-energy sports events, the highly coveted prom, or my time on The Caldron, I will forever hold the memories of my time at JCHS close to my heart. Most of all, though, I am endlessly indebted to all of my friends who have stuck by my side through high school: the people I have relied on during the good times and the bad. I will never take the memories I have with them for granted, and I know that they will last for a lifetime. 

As my time at JCHS comes to a close, I think about my bewildered first-grade and scared freshman-year self. I am proud of what I have accomplished in high school, and I am (trying to be) ready for the next season of my life in the fall. I am also proud to be a member of the class of 2023 and commend us all on our achievements during such a significant and unpredictable couple of years. I wish everyone the best of luck and I know that we will all look back fondly on our years spent together at JCHS.