Christina Brown and Gia DeRiggi

The year is finally winding down to an end and all AP students’ have submitted their portfolios to the college board. However, there are still a few more portfolios that we haven’t covered this year. While in the previous months two artists’ have been showcased, this month we will be showcasing four. The last artists this month will include Charley Albert, Gia DeRiggi, Joe Conforti, Ceci Lomauro, and Christina Cerretto. In this article we will be reviewing Gia’s AP Art portfolio: Exploring portraits through lighting and facial structure. 

Photo courtesy of Gia DeRiggi

Title: Digital Dog Portrait

Medium: Digital Geometric Portrait

Significance: Geometric shapes create a dynamic image which creates a dog. The geometric shapes make the portrait different than a traditional portrait


Photo courtesy of Gia DeRiggi

Title: Taking the Mask Off

Materials: Colored pencils, pencil, acrylic paint on bristol

Significance: This is a finial study of masks which are used to show what is underneath the skins when you remove the mask (skin)




Photo courtesy of Gia DeRiggi

Title: Geometric Shape Mixed Media Head Sculpture

Medium: Styrofoam head. String, holographic paper 

Significance: The cool and warm tones represent both the industrial and organic side of life. The geometric shapes on the warm side provide a nice contrast from the cool colored string on the left side.


Photo courtesy of Gia DeRiggi

Title: Gia’s Little Brother

Medium: Pencils and Acrylics on paper 

Significance: Traditional value drawing with background inspired by the blur color and tones from the original photo. Highlights in the eyes help bring life to the portrait.


Photo courtesy of Gia DeRiggi

Title: Payton

Medium: Acrylic paint, pencil, colored pencil, and linoleum prints on Bristol

Significance: This piece shows experimentation of printmaking on traditional portraits: the green background and tie match with  the green color and the cars. 


Photo courtesy of Gia DeRiggi

Title: Girl in the Water 

Medium: graphite powder, pencil, colored pencil, marker, acrylic paint, watercolor paper collaged on bristol paper

Significance: In this piece, the goal was to experiment with different values, different sized circles, and layering of paper in hope of creating a soapy sudsy look.