Julie Servidio

One of the best times in a high school student’s life is his senior year. There are so many things to which one looks forward such as graduation, senior prom, getting accepted to college, music tour for some and so much more. With so many exciting things to look forward to sometimes it’s difficult to remember what’s important, like passing classes. The disease known as Senioritis is widespread and will affect most seniors from the first day of school until the day of graduation. Symptoms include procrastination, boredom in class, extreme difficulty focusing on school work and an overwhelming desire to sleep during lectures. These symptoms can be extremely difficult to combat and can cause a serious decrease in grade point averages. Teachers everywhere have tried for years to find a cure for Senioritis to no avail. Every year they see countless students fall victim and become disinterested in class. Symptoms typically begin to appear after being accepted to college and continue until the first day of school the following year.

However, there are ways to keep senioritis from taking over. Taking homework assignments a little at a time rather than trying to do them all at once is a great way to avoid procrastination. Another popular option is to complete homework in open mods which many seniors have because they have fulfilled their graduation requirements. Although this isn’t the preferred method of completing homework, it’s helpful when a homework assignment is forgotten or accidentally left at school. Another great way to avoid letting senioritis set in is to take classes that seem appealing or pertain to a particular major. As difficult as it may seem, one can overcome senioritis with determination.

It’s really easy to say, “Oh, I don’t have to study” or “I can do that news article about senioritis later,” but soon there will be a noticeable decline in grades or news article quality. What students must remember is senior year should be enjoyed, but not taken for granted. Many colleges look at mid-year averages. Some look at end of the year averages as well and can even revoke scholarships or acceptances. The key to success in high school is doing homework on time; unfortunately that’s one of the first things students give up on when senioritis sets in. Senior year is the most memorable year of high school, but one cannot forget that sometimes school has to come first.