Yankees Season Preview

Yankees Season Preview

Enzo Whetton


It is springtime, and with the warmer weather comes a new season of baseball. The World Series champion Atlanta Braves are looking to defend their title, but the hometown Yankees are going to do their best to stop them in their tracks.

After the MLB lockout, baseball is finally ready to resume. The players are ready to go out there and bring a Pennant to their town, but there are many games that must be played before we have any idea about which team will be victorious in October. 

The Yankees have some offensive firepower, including their veteran slugger Aaron Judge. Other notable batters include Anthony Rizzo, a player who the Yankees traded for last year, and Giancarlo Stanton. The Yankees started their season with a series against their well known rival, the Boston Red Sox, winning two games and dropping one. 


The Yankees rotation is headed by pitcher Gerrit Cole, as well as other notable names like Luis Severino. The leader of their bullpen, Aroldis Chapman, is looking to continue his impressive career as a closer. The Yankees do not have the flashiest bullpen, but they do have potential to be solid and give the team a good chance to win this season. 

There are 162 games to be played, so while the Yankees do have potential to do well, it is important that the team stays healthy for the duration of the regular season and (potentially) the postseason. The Bronx Bombers need their star players to perform to give them a good chance to win, but if this team lives up to their potential, there is no limit to their success.