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A Chapter Ends
A Chapter Ends
June 19, 2024
The End of an Era
The End of an Era
June 19, 2024
Finishing Strong
Finishing Strong
June 14, 2024

February Poet’s Corner

Poetry Corner

Poetry is one of the many artforms where freedom of expression is catapulted to the forefront, along with emotional honesty. After several years of recreationally creating poems, I had a chance this semester to create a space where those who love art can digitally display their creations to their peers. Understanding fully well that I am not the most proficient poet, I can still proudly present my work along with several other student artists. I hope you enjoy.

Spencer Thron

-The Vulture-

There’s a vulture soaring over me

Indeed, a viscous vulture keeping me from sleep

So sober, he, with his vulgar grin

Awaiting a death fate served to him

One less breath would satiate his hunger

But a beating heart prevents his meal and prologues my slumber

A tempting scent, so sweet from disgust

Meets in my head, to allure and discuss

My own trust and behavior- sure, I’m no saint

But ensure that one favor does not all but taint

My heart, not for the feint

My mind, nobody has sold

But one hole in the soul of a sock and it’s gold?

Do I not need something else besides what I have?

Are we all just content with the same tricks from my bag?

I’m so sick of no sense to be had from my circles

It’s all but defense from my own mental hurdles

And so

The vulture continues to soar up above

Preying on those who pray for self-love

-Unsolicited Hatred-

By Noah Carrington

They hate your hair, yet want your hair 

They hate your skin, yet they tan themselves 

They say you talk ‘ghetto’ then copy how you speak 

They hate our music, yet 49% of their population listens to rap

They hate our lips, yet 78% of their  population gets plastic surgery 

These are all facts, and still they won’t admit 

They want to be black without being black 

Without having the microaggressions constantly thrown at you

Without people touching your hair 

And the “oh you don’t talk black”

And the “you’re not like the others”

Trying to justify the use of the n word 

In all honesty, it’s a terrible word

It was used as a racial slur, and now it’s used as a greeting or term of endearment 

In all honesty no one should use a word that’s purpose was to degrade us

Anyway, Black history month is pointless 

28 days isn’t enough days to acknowledge the hardships of African Americans 

Black History isn’t Harriet Tubman, MLK, Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass, or Obama

Black History is the history, the pain, and the joy of the race with the most hardships to this day 

As a black man my goal is not to make the NBA, or be a rapper

It’s to be a positive influence on this earth and change the perception of black men in America

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