The Importance Of Voting

The Importance Of Voting

Jessica Rizzo

The political tide is heating up as November 6 marks another important midterm election. Midterm elections are significant because they determine all 435 representatives in the United States House of Representatives, and these elections are also responsible for deciding one-third of all U.S. Senators. This upcoming election is particularly important because it determines whether the Democratic or Republican party will be the majority party in either or both chambers for the next two years. Since the party with a majority essentially controls their respective chamber, the party in control is more likely to get the legislation it favors passed in the chamber where they hold majority.

In addition to electing Congressmen, voters in Essex County will also be electing a new Essex County Sheriff and Executive. New Jersey residents will also need to determine if they will reelect Robert Menendez for a third term as U.S. Senator after previous charges of corruption and bribery were brought against him.


But why vote? For one, midterm elections are decided by the direct popular vote of the people, unlike presidential elections which are dictated by the Electoral College.

Additionally, everyone has a responsibility as a U.S. citizen to vote for the people who will represent them in government. In order for the United States to be a true representative body, every citizen needs to vote for the people they want to see in office. Eighteen year olds especially have a duty to vote, since it is their first opportunity to show their love, respect, and faith in their country and how they are proud to be a a part of it. Further, voting is a natural right which should be taken advantage of; we are lucky to live in a country today where we can vote regardless of our race, gender, or social status. The history of the United States has been filled with battles over everyone having an equal opportunity to vote, and now that these conflicts have been settled, citizens should recognize how fortunate they are to live in a self-governing country.

Once you have mailed or completed your voter registration, voting is easy. Simply find your polling station respective to your particular address by using this link: and go to your specific station on November 6.

When November 6 arrives, take the time to exercise your right as a U.S. citizen and vote.