NBA Preview

By John DiSimone

For all those basketball fans, the N.B.A is back. The season had officially started October 27th, and has been in full swing ever since. Dominant teams are beginning to set apart from others as the season progresses. Currently in the Western Conference, The Golden State Warriors led by Steph Curry, are in first place with an impressive 7-0 record. Following close behind them, also in the Western Conference are The Portland Trailblazers, The San Antonio Spurs, The Los Angeles Clippers and The Utah Jazz. These four teams are all currently tied for 2nd place, with a solid 4-2 record.  

Don’t forget about the Eastern Conference either. The Eastern Conference possesses some strong teams as well. Leading the Eastern Conference is the Atlanta Hawks led by Al Horford  with another strong early record of 7-1. Closely trailing them in the standings are two teams. The Cleveland Cavaliers led by powerhouse Lebron James, and the Toronto Raptors led by point Guard Kyle Lowry.

Although the season is early, leading scorers are beginning to erupt. Players are beginning to standout as the season progresses. As of now Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors is leading the entire league in points per game, bringing in an astounding 33.9 points per game. Up next is Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder, currently averaging an impressive  29.8 points per game. The third leading scorer in the league right now is James Harden of the Houston Rockets, raking in a solid 29.7 points per game. Overall, the 2015-2016 N.B.A. is looking promising, and another great season of basketball is coming our way.