Irate Volkswagen Owners May Get Their Money’s Worth


By Olivia Carrara

Volkswagen has been under fire this month after it was revealed that they have been cheating emissions tests with software designed to misreport emissions and fuel efficiency. Volkswagen diesel owners have been seeking compensation ever since these reports came out and refuse to back down. Volkswagen has thus been forced to step up to the plate and give money back to those who purchased faulty cars.

Volkswagen has yet to make an official announcement, but many details of their compensation package, with a value of around $1,250,  are already known. While some of the money can be spent on anything, a large portion has to be used on Volkswagen products and services.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen continues to deal with lawsuits over their illegal software. The executives at Volkswagen have acknowledged their mistakes and promised that they will remove the illegal software found in the diesel Beetle, Golf, Jetta, and Passat.

It was discovered by the Environmental Protection Agency that even larger diesel vehicles had illegal software, yet Volkswagen denies this claim and says that owners of those cars will not receive a cash compensation. Volkswagen has nearly ruined their reputation and these cash compensations are only the first step to recovering the trust of their customers.

Image credit: Tomo News