JCHS Theatre Department in Good Spirits

By Louis Lombardi

This new school year hit most students at JCHS like a ton of bricks, as is the yearly case come September. However, a particular seven seniors have hit the ground running, and have taken up the cross of participating in this year’s theatre drama “Blithe Spirit.” Opening on Friday, October 23rd until October 25th, “Blithe Spirit” is a show that goes beyond one’s realm of expectations, as well as the realm of the living. Charles Condomine, a debonair-type character, played by Jack Mastrangelo, is the central character of the show, as he is caught between his current wife, played by Abby Lebet, and his deceased ex-wife, played by Emily Alworth. Researching the supernatural for a novel he is writing, Condomine is accompanied by Dr. and Mrs. Bradman, played by Louis Lombardi and Emily Morvey, his maid Edith, played by Frankie Salluce, and the wacky medium Madame Arcati, played by Noelle Gizzi, in conducting a seance. When things consequently go haywire, Mr. Condomine finds himself in a comedic, albeit slightly insane, jam, which leads to a number of hilarious and unlikely plot developments.

Already under development, “Blithe Spirit” rehearsals with theatre director Kerry Baglivio are chugging along at full-steam, with each cast member given the task of memorizing an entire script filled with lines, blocking, and directions galore. Although some initial apprehension is shared at the start of the show, the experience of participating in a tight-knit group of adepts who share the goal of creating something special fosters camaraderie and intimacy between all involved. In discussing the upcoming drama and his position as lead male actor, regarding any nervousness or unease, Jack Mastrangelo aptly replied, “Well, I’m in it now. It’ll definitely be fun – I’ve wanted to do this for a while now.” In spite of the short amount of time between the show’s start of rehearsals and the performance itself, the cast is confident and excited to be on stage, to say the least. In the words of Emily Alworth, “Blithe Spirit” presents itself as “classic fun with some scandalous humor,” resulting in a “lovely ensemble show with a lot of tricks up its sleeve.” To anyone, whether they are new to JCHS or they have been going the school for years, “Blithe Spirit” will surely be a treat for all who attend and will undoubtedly leave everyone in good spirits.