Taqueria Las Mexicanas Review

By Diana Abraham

The Taqueria Las Mexicanas is the new restaurant that replaced the space of Genc’s Pizza. The taqueria is in a convenient place for anyone passing through Bloomfield Avenue for work, school, or just exploring. The taqueria is a small, but cozy place where friends and family gather for some real Mexican food. The new restaurant serves a variety of Mexican food such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, churros, flan, and much more. The taqueria produces uniquely made meals with the sense of a home-made meal. The food is made right in front of you. The ingredients are always fresh and appetizing.


In my opinion, the taqueria is a great place to meet with friends and have a relaxing conversation accompanied with delicious food. My friends and I go to the taqueria often and have become quite good friends with the staff. The workers at the taqueria are welcoming and friendly. The taqueria, from my experience, proves itself to be better than Chipotle. The menu at the taqueria is varied and the food is always fresh and the portions are very reasonable. I highly recommend the burrito, Las Mexicanas. It is very filling and full of exotic flavor.

The taqueria also delivers, caters, and is opened up to ten oclock at night Monday through Saturday. The taqueria is a great place to sit down and have a fresh, authentic, Mexican meal. Unlike other Mexican restaurants in our area, the taqueria has a sense of harmony and comfort that makes eating a burrito enjoyable and peaceful. Going to the taqueria with friends is even more fun. The prices are reasonably fair and the portions of the food are appropriate. The taqueria has many specials throughout the week, especially for students. Tuesdays are famous for the one dollar tacos and students get discounts if they have their student I.D handy. Therefore, the Taqueria Las Mexicanas is not just a copy of Chipotle, instead it is a family-run business that provides a sensation of jollity and togetherness.