Girls Softball

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Brendan Dyer

“Experienced.”  This is the word that Coach Mark Teshkoyan used to describe the 2015 Caldwell Chiefs softball team when I spoke with him.  On the 2015 team there are eight senior girls, including Bianca Scaglione, Jenna Dromgoole, Sarah Barhe and four senior four year starters in Gianna Genello, Cayla Lombardi, Casey Ward, and Val Murphy, as well as one senior three year starter, Jess Mattheiss.   The 2015 team has gotten off to a great start with a record of 10 wins and only three losses.  When I asked Coach Mark what he thinks sets his team aside from any other he simply said, “Togetherness.”  He supported his statement by saying,” The team has bonded very well and we have eight returning starters so there is a comfort level.”  When I spoke to senior leader Casey Ward, she said,” My favorite part of being apart of this team is that everyone gets along very well and we are all so close with one another that it makes playing even better.”  Having team chemistry is a very important aspect of all sports, and I would say that the Chiefs “togetherness” has lead to a portion of their success.

Being close as a team can only take you so far, you have to show your talents out on the field in order to succeed.  Coach Mark said, “My favorite part about coaching is practice.  I like practice where you can impact knowledge or skills both mental and physical to the players.”  He also stated that the fun makes him come back to coach each year.  “I like competition and since I don’t play anymore it helps keep those competitive juices flowing.”

So far the Chiefs look very promising and have a good shot of going far into the state tournament.  This wouldn’t be possible without goals being set at the beginning of the season.  The three things that the team strives to achieve each year is, “Team togetherness or harmony, to be competitive in the conference, county, and states, and to let the seniors lead and give them a lot of responsibility” stated Mark Teshkoyan.  These goals help keep a clear focus throughout the season for the team and may be attributed for their success each year.  Overall the 2015 Caldwell Chiefs softball team is off to a great start and hopes to continue their success.  The seniors help lead the team and are good role models for the rest of the younger players, as they all bond together very well.  We wish the lady Chiefs the best of luck the rest of the season and the best of luck to all the graduating seniors in their future.  Go Chiefs!