All Haim, all of the time

Kendall Serena

When I first discovered this lovely trio of sisters, it was not through the usual means of hearing it through the radio or YouTube, but instead through a Teen Vogue article, which tells of how they were discovered through Mick Jagger (and who could doubt Mick Jagger). This trio of sisters also known as Haim (pronounced hime) hails from the lovely San Fernando Valley and comes from a family of musicians, whose parents have been teaching them the ways of performing as rockers since they were babies, which later lead to their insane rocker style.

On September 30th, the band released their first studio album, Days Are Gone, and witnessed a rare thing of being a charting success despite how new the band is. The trio of sisters, Alana, Danielle and Este, were lucky to receive support in the form of other popular bands such as The Strokes, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, and even Kesha, who they toured with and helped produce the album.

But besides the fact of how well they rock red lipstick, the type of music that they create has been a recurring theme that has been changing in the alternative music world, a theme that has been popping up more and more these days, and that is the return of the 80’s rock music style. Their voices can be compared to one of past artists such as Pat Benatar to even the newer artists of Lorde and Feist, and still remain a clever, rock and jazz vibe of their own too. In a world full of rock, country, or hip hop music these days, it is refreshing to hear music that’s not just new but also has a sense of nostalgia for a time where most artists were singing songs that inspire many of the artists that the students in the halls of James Caldwell High School listen to today.

Like most new albums and bands that people hear for the first time, Days Are Gone and the band Haim is such a refresher, and their main hit, “Forever”, and my personal favorite, “The Wire”, is just a small highlight of how talented the trio is. The wonderful thing about Haim is that just for a new band that released their newest album, they have already achieved a great amount of success. For them, this is only the beginning and they still have so much of the world to conquer, a journey that I am very anticipated to hear.