Halloween’s expiration date

Linnea Endersby

As the leaves change and new holidays come there is one question that sits in the back of everyone’s mind–What will I be for Halloween?  You all remember the times when you were younger, wondering for the entire month of October who or what you would be. When the night finally arrived, traveling up and down your neighborhood streets knocking on your neighbors’ doors, saying, “trick-or-treat!”  The screams from the nearby haunted houses would ring in your ears. It continued for hours, until finally you were forced to come home. Once at home, you would sit in amazement as you poured out the bag, revealing all of the treats collected. That’s when a new level of fun was just beginning! Sitting in a room with siblings and/or friends, bartering for the candies you like better.

Now Halloween is a tradition for mostly everyone. The question is: When are you too old to fully participate?

Halloween stores provide costumes for people of all ages, but what age should someone stop going up to people’s doors saying ” trick -or- treat”? For some, they move on from the tradition around middle school; however, others continue way beyond that. When JCHS senior, Julia Housel, was asked this controversial question, she said: “By the time you are past seventh or eighth grade, you are probably too old to go knocking on people’s doors for candy.”  However, others say it is something they wish they never had to outgrow.

Most people love to dress up on Halloween, regardless of whether it’s for a costume party, just for fun at school, or to go trick or treating.  Putting on a costume can allow you to express yourself. The candy that may come along with that is just an added bonus. A person can never truly outgrow Halloween, whether you collect the candy or not. Everyone wants a day to have a little bit of fun and be whoever or whatever you would like to be.