Athlete Profile: Ijeoma Ikpe

Brendan Dyer

Q: Why did you start playing lacrosse?

A: I started playing lacrosse in seventh grade because my friends played and it was a new sport.

Q: How long have you been playing lacrosse?

A: I have been playing since seventh grade, so five years.

Q: What has your high school sports experience been like?

A: High school sports have been a huge part of my life.  They always have been a way of relaxing me when I’m stressed and getting me out of a funk.  My teams have all been like family and support me in everything.  It’s going to be hard leaving next year.

Q: How has your team affected your playing?

A:  I have become the player I am today because of my teammates and my coaches.  They always encourage me to be more aggressive and confident.  They have been the push factor for me.

Q: What are your future plans in college?

A: In college I hope to have another four years of playing and great teammates.  I want to keep improving on my skills and game.  Academically I am undecided on a career, but I think I will either pursue PR or athletic trainer/management.

Q: When you look back on your sports career, what was your favorite moment?

A: My favorite moment of my high school sports career isn’t a specific moment but all the times that the whole team celebrates a goal or win and we all jump on top of each other and are screaming and laughing.

Q: How do you balance sports and academics?

A: I balance sports and academics by understanding that I can’t play sports without good grades. So because of that I make sure I do my homework after practice or games.  Although I love sports, academics are what’s going to get me places when I’m older.