Kiss Me, Kate wows audiences

Angela Williams

From March 21st to the 24th, the theatre department here at James Caldwell High School put on four spectacular shows that did not fail to amaze audiences. Led by director and choreographer Mrs. Modero, the cast, crew, and pit of this year’s production displayed all of their hard work in a professional way that redefined what a high school show should be.

Since earlier this year, students have been memorizing lines, learning dances, and reading hours’ worth of show music that would eventually come together to create one stunning show. Every scene and musical number was well received by the audience; especially the impressive “Too Darn Hot,” which went above and beyond the expectations for a high school production. For all four performances, the crowd was full of laughs: especially when sophomores Josh Kopen and John Franklin took the stage as gangsters, serving as the main source of comic relief for the play.

Those involved with the production enjoyed it just as much as audiences. Junior Alyssa LaMedica says that she “really enjoyed her experience with Kiss Me, Kate.” And she feels that “compared to previous shows everyone involved really came together and bonded in rehearsals.” This was a very rewarding experience for everyone involved and it is clear that the JCHS musical production will only get better from here. The sets, professionally done, were eye catching and added to the professionalism that was displayed on and off stage. Additionally, professional musicians scattered throughout the pit helped to solidify a catchy and energetic score that was conducted by musical director Mr. Modero.

Kiss Me, Kate proved to be an enjoyable experience for audiences and those involved; and both parties are looking forward to what next year will bring. Rumors have been floating around regarding next year’s musical, but it is impossible to know for sure what the theatre department will dazzle audiences with next.