Euro-gonna love this grill!

Ethan Meth

Eurogrill is an amazing restaurant that is straight out of Portugal. The restaurant serves wood grilled delights that are slathered in garlic. You won’t walk out of there smelling like Chanel, but you will leave with a new addiction to Portuguese grilled foods.

When I heard the name Eurogrill I was a little confused by the type of food that would be served. The first time I experienced Eurogrill was when my dad brought it home for me after school one day. I was starving and was in the mood for something substantial to gnash on. I walked in my house to the smell of grilled meats and bread. When I saw the food I was confused–it was packed in large disposable foil trays which were stuffed to the brim with rice, fries, vegetables, succulent ribs, and grilled chicken.

The rice was cooked until it was tender and spiced with an array of mild spices. The fries, however, were a little unnecessary and soggy. The vegetables, like the rice, were tender. They were lightly steamed and macerated in the liquid from the meat.

Those vegetables took on a whole new identity after the time spent in the juices from the meat. Each piece was roasted until cooked perfectly and then grilled hot and fast over a wood fire. The chicken was anything but dry. It was rubbed with salt and pepper with a little bit of garlic. The succulent chicken was only elevated by the cup of roasted garlic they provided for us. It’s just a cup of delicious roasted garlic… enough said.

The next thing in our tray was a plethora of roasted spare ribs. Like the chicken, they were rubbed with copious amounts of garlic, as well as salt and pepper. When I bit into it, I was surprised by how tender it was. They still had some substance to them, and every bite was as good as the last.

All in all, Eurogrill is a solid restaurant loaded with choices that would please any palate. If you are walking on the Ave and have a hankering for a bounteous amount of grilled, juicy meat, stop by.