Fantasy Football Returns

By: Gary DeOliveira

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Fall is beginning, which marks the start of the National Football League (NFL) season. More importantly, it also marks the beginning of the Fantasy Football season. In fact, the season starts even earlier than fall; the trades and draft preparations commence in August. Then, during autumn, the fabled day comes where all the fun begins.

​ That day begins with pre-draft jitters. Before the draft, fantasy fanatics are known to look at the clock every 15 minutes, just wishing it would move faster. When the draft finally begins, every person selects their team of players in the NFL. Each week, the players that are placed in the starting line accumulate points based on their performance. Fantasy football adds a whole new to every NFL Sunday, and oh, it is glorious.

​ Fantasy Football has revolutionized the NFL. There are entire radio channels and television shows dedicated to fantasy.  Forbes has estimated that an incredible $70 billion is generated annually by Fantasy Football. Football fans are drawn to the game because it makes them feel like they are General Managers: they can test their ability to form,and succeed with a team that they treat as their very own.

​ Now that fantasy season is here, it is the time for old friends to recreate bitter rivalries once more. It is time for football fans everywhere to have their hearts race every Sunday over the first down receptions, remarkable interceptions, and miraculous touchdowns. It’s time to watch the NFL’s best players succeed tremendously or fail miserably.  The feelings that enthrall each and every fantasy player cannot be described; they can only be felt by those participating.  The NFL season is in full swing, as well as the road to Fantasy Football glory. Will you join?