Open Campus Review: James Caldwell High School

Open Campus Review: James Caldwell High School

Izabella Garcia


On Wednesday, the 19th of January, the senior class of 2022 was finally granted permission to leave school for an open campus lunch. Open campus lunch provides many valuable lessons for high school seniors who are getting ready to take their next step in life. This lunch option offers students more freedom during their school day, teaches students responsibility, and teaches that trust has to be earned. 

The school administrators have put much time and effort into creating safety protocols for open campus lunch, and have also put a great amount of trust into their students. After one complete week of having the privilege of open campus lunch as a senior, many students can agree that having this midday lunch break is very beneficial in many ways. I personally enjoy this new privilege and how we can go home and relax or grab food at a nearby restaurant in our community. My experience with open campus lunch so far has been positive and fun. I have the opportunity to not only change my environment but also a quick period of relaxation by eating at home. I also think open campus lunch is helpful in practicing time management. Since we only have one hour of free time, we have to be mindful of our time and take into consideration the time needed to get to and from school with traffic as well as the time to find a parking spot in order to arrive back in time for class. In conversing with my friends and fellow peers, their opinions on open campus lunch are varied. Some students think there are many positives to this new advantage expressing the opportunity to get away from school and ability to go home, run errands, and even grab a frap at our local Starbucks. Other students have expressed the negative of spending money due to going out to lunch too often, some feel that it is easier to just stay in school as it is not enough time, and others do not want to leave and lose their parking spot or risk being late to their next class. 

This new implementation of open campus lunch will be great for the next upcoming class of seniors and for the rest that follow as it will establish an ideal for all students to continue to work hard in their classes, arrive timely to their classes, and follow orderly conduct in school in order to be granted open campus permission.