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A Chapter Ends
A Chapter Ends
June 19, 2024
The End of an Era
The End of an Era
June 19, 2024
Finishing Strong
Finishing Strong
June 14, 2024

“Where I’m From” Poems

In these poems, based on “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon, students consider their personal origins.

“I am from two places”

By Denise Alotto

I am from two places 

My heart lies in one 

Two doors that await my arrival 

One welcomes me with a smile while the other lays out expectations and foundations 

For who I am supposed to be 

I am from a world filled with noise where I take the choice to not voice who I am 

I am from the collection of rejection and doubt happening in my mind 

I am from the many unopened childhood books that lay collecting dust 

I am from your criticism but I know when to take it with a grain of salt 

I am from a hardworking machine that never makes a scene to get a break 

I am the power at my mother’s core I admire the many prices that she sacrificed to keep working

I am from the worry about my grandfather’s health; the negativity that surrounds it becoming captivity for the mind 

I am from the fear of being confined in a place where my heart does not lie

I am from the place where my heart lies which will be the ultimate prize when I get there 

I am from an ongoing blooper that ends when I embrace my future 

“I was from a different world”

By Jaden Belger

I was from a different world 

A bustling red house in a lonely town

I was from sound

Music, sewing, cooking, yelling in the background

I was from a fleeting happiness 

In my uncle’s visits

I was from imagination

Marker covered hands and paper scraps 

I am from a lonely house in a bustling town

Occupied by two 

I am from wondering

Who are you

I am from mediocrity 

With my achievements spelt through B’s and C’s

I am from fiction

Always thinking what if

“I was from Old Crayola Paints”

By Sarah Mazowiecki

I am from old crayola paints,

From rain pattering on window sills.

I am from oversized coats and scarves,

From chilly days with ice nipping my nose.

I am from the birds that sit outside my window.

From baby birds and kittens,

I am from shelters and animal rescues. 

I am from star filled nights,

And old worn story books.

I am from Grimms’ Fairy Tales and Goodnight Moon.

I am from mythology, 

Where gods and higher beings sit on pink clouds.

I am from tales that wrap around history,

Warping our perspective of life. 

I am from magic filled lands,

With anti heroes and underdogs. 

I am from my own world,

An imaginary world.

Where clouds are easy to reach, where the sea is blue and gold.

Where bushes grow perfect berries and diamonds.

I am from my own imagination. 

With creatures and people like me.

I am from my own creations,

People who can grow taller than beanstalks,

And creatures with four hundred eyes.

With a boy who has static for eyes,

And a woman who is made of shadows.

I am from my dream world,

An escape world. 

I am from my family.

My mother who supports me, while having to balance her own plate.

A mother who is sensitive.

I am from a grandfather who builds little towns and stories.

A grandfather who is comedic. 

I am from a grandmother who is intensely caring.

A grandmother who is stubborn. 

I am from a family that I love.

A family who loves me equally.

That is where I am from.

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