Phys. Ed Teacher and Long-Time Wrestling Coach Says Goodbye


By: Julia Hernandez

There was pandemonium at JCHS every winter when a wrestling match was held. On the side, Coach Garamella told his players what to do in the span of just a two minute round. Every single match Coach was there for his job, his colleagues, and most importantly, his wrestlers. On an endless list of great memories here at JCHS, coaching a state sectional wrestling team is high on Mr. Garamella’s list. Whether you know Gary Garamella as a coach or your Physical Education teacher, he is an admirable example for our town to remember.

As a graduate of Trenton State College, (now The College of New Jersey) Mr. Garamella had a degree in Health and Physical Education. But, Mr. Garamella has a special place in the community because he is a graduate of JCHS. From an early age, Mr. Garamella had always known that he wanted to teach and coach in his hometown. Fortunately, he has had the opportunity to do both, which he is immensely grateful for. 

Mr. Garamella is finishing his journey at JCHS with 34 years of diligent work and teaching. From Gym class to Drivers Ed, there was an array of lessons that you learned from Mr. Garamella in and out of the classroom. As a coach, his wrestlers looked up to him on and off the mat. As a teacher, students looked to Mr. Garamella for guidance on the road, and maybe a good sandwich once in a while. In his free time, Mr. Garamella has been a volunteer firefighter in the town of Caldwell as well for numerous years. It is no surprise to us students that Mr. Garamella is a first responder, because he is a selfless and transcendent person.


Although Mr. Garamella’s time as a teacher and coach is coming to an end at JCHS, he does plan on visiting quite often since he is still a resident of Caldwell. Mr. Garamella will miss his students the most, and his friendships with other teachers, administrators, and staff. He also feels lucky to have taught at such a great school for so many years. Mr. Garamella has a collection of memories that he will remember throughout his retirement, one being his 2018 Drivers Ed class. 

As a student of Mr. Garamella myself, I can certainly attest to the fact that all students at JCHS will miss Mr. Garamella dearly, and his daily playlist of High School Musical. On a more serious note, Mr. Garamella has left his students and wrestlers with resilience and perseverance. JCHS is thankful for all of Mr. Garamella’s hard work and dedication that he has demonstrated over the years.