Girls Basketball off to a Strong Start

Erin McCann


After a long awaited December and January, the girls basketball team is excited to be back. Although it is a shortened season, they are grateful for what they have. With a 6-1 record, they are determined to keep up the winning streak. Their team has a close knit bond, which is obvious on the court. Their latest opponent was rival West Essex High School where the JCHS girls won 47-44. Lauren Sanderson scored 18 points and Brielle Guarente scored 17, totaling 35  between the two. This big win gave them a lot of momentum going into their next game at Hanover Park. 

Senior captains Brielle Guarente and Jamie Pierce are great role models for the younger girls. Both are four year players who have paved the way for future generations. Regarding the uncertainty of the season, Pierce stated, “Everyone knows that this season can end at any moment, so we go in and work hard which has led us to having a strong team.” The team is very serious about COVID-19 and many have chosen to do remote school so they have a smaller chance of being exposed to the virus. The team knows it is a privilege to be able to play and are working extra hard this year. 

As Brielle Guarente said, “We have really proven ourselves again this year. We came off a great season last year and we are continuing that so far with our record being 6-1.” As Guarente mentioned, they lost valuable seniors last year, but that is not stopping Caldwell this year. With only seven games left, the team is continuing to work hard and be safe. 

Now that Governor Murphy is allowing limited numbers of parents to come, their season is even more special. This executive order went into place Friday, February 12th. Playing without a crowd has been very tough on the student athletes, especially seniors, but Governor Murphy lifting crowd restrictions has definitely lifted the team’s spirits.