Winter Track Is Under Way With No Time To Spare

Christopher Crean


Yes, you read that correctly: Winter track has finally started its season while the days until Spring sports are dwindling. This late start to the season was due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are all too familiar with, causing the first practice to have happened on February 4th instead of the normal start date in early December. The motivation of the team has not been squandered by this delay, with practices taking place in snowy weather. Team spirit is being steadily maintained through the uncertainty, both weather and COVID-19 related, with little information being known of the schedule for such a brief season.

Disregarding the rarity of updates on the season schedule, the opening meet is bound to be a great one, even with the delays. Upperclassmen have taken this late start as more time for self-preparation. Athletes such as Kevin Collura and Annie Gustavsen lead the team in the short distance events, while Ethan Bishop and Jenna Goldbach handle the long distance events.

Of course, these top members have another role: guide the underclassmen. The talent of the lower grades is ready to be put on display this season with the assistance of the juniors and seniors. Expect to remember new names on the Winter Track team, as friendly competition will drive new leading members to the top. A brief yet exciting season is underway that will raise the spirits of James Caldwell High School during this time, as well as offer a socially inviting environment for competitive athletes.