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Socially Distant Sports

As we are approaching the spring and warmer weather, it is a good time to look at some fun, socially distant sports and activities to take part in. While COVID-19 is going to affect what is safe or dangerous to play, there are still going to be many fun activities to participate in over the spring and summer. There are a variety of safe options, both competitive and recreational, that you will be able to enjoy with friends and family.


The first fun game that has been very popular for a while is KanJam, a game that takes frisbee to a whole new level. This game is made for two teams of two who attempt to throw and tap a frisbee into a can. The game is usually won by a team earning exactly 21 points before the other. Teams alternate throwing the frisbee to their teammate who tries to tap the frisbee into the can. One point is earned for tapping the frisbee into the can, two points are awarded if the frisbee hits the can unassisted, and three points are given if the frisbee goes into the can, assisted or not. A team automatically wins if the frisbee goes through the small slot in the can.


Another classic outdoor game is cornhole. This game also uses teams of two who attempt to throw bean bags onto a wooden board, aiming for a hole in the top center. Players earn one point for the bag landing on the board, and they earn three points for their bean bag going through the hole. A team wins by scoring at least 21 points, though unlike KanJam it does not have to be an exact 21.

A more competitive sport to play that allows for social distancing is tennis. Fortunately, there are many tennis courts around Caldwell and West Caldwell, which give you plenty of options when it comes to finding a good spot for a game. While playing doubles with a partner is an option, playing singles would definitely be the safer choice. Tennis players compete in matches comprising 3 or 5 sets. To win a set, players must win 6 games in the set. For less competitive players, it is still enjoyable to rally with a friend and hit the ball back and forth across the court. Boys tennis is also an upcoming spring sport set to start in March. Girls tennis had their season this past fall.

Finally, golf is a sport that can be played alone or with others, and it is easy to maintain distance. The object is simple—to hit the ball into a hole. In practice, this is a lot harder than it sounds. For those who are looking for a little more fun in less time, mini-golf is a way to play with friends, without having to drive around the course for hours on end.

Even though COVID-19 has limited the options available to everyone regarding what activities we should and should not do, there are still many fun and interesting sports and activities to do with friends and family. Being outside is a great way to be safe, and these socially distanced activities allow you to do just that, while also having a fun time!

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