Covid Vaccine Available in Essex County

Covid Vaccine Available in Essex County

Emma Carriker

After almost a year of coronavirus taking over, there is finally a vaccine to prevent getting the illness. Across the country, shipments of the Moderna and Pfizer fill hospitals and centers everywhere, ready for distribution. 

Before people consider taking the vaccine, they may have questions about how it works. Our immune systems are full of cells that fight against infection. The three main white blood cells in the immune system are Macrophages, B-lymphocytes, and T-lymphocytes. Macrophages are white blood cells that get rid of dead germs and cells. They leave behind antigens which causes antibodies to attack them. B-lymphocytes defend your body from foreign bodies by producing antibodies that fight the pieces left behind by the macrophages. T-lymphocytes attack infected cells in the body. All together, these cells work together to try and keep you healthy and safe from illness. So when people come down with COVID-19, the body might take a little while to start fighting the infection. This could take a few days to a few weeks. After somebody was infected with COVID-19, their body remembers the infection and can fight better next time


The coronavirus vaccine will help our body fight off future infections and prevent them. A few weeks after the first shot you will build some immunity to the virus but after your second shot you will build up to the maximum immunity. However, no vaccination offers 100% protection. Once vaccinated, you may spend time with other vaccinated people without worry, but you still need to be cautious around those who are sick or not yet vaccinated. Both Pfizer and Moderna have been through many trials and testing before being distributed to the public. If you have any concerns or further questions, you can contact your doctor or visit the CDC website. Essex County has started giving out vaccines and you can find the different tiers here: Find your tier to get vaccinated and sign up here when appropriate: