The New Hybrid Schedule

Danielle Rapsas

As the new year unfolds, a new hybrid schedule has been announced. Previously, there have been three cohorts and each cohort has gone into school a few times each month. Starting Tuesday, January 19th, 2021, this will change. Students will be going in 2-3 times a week depending on the schedule and their cohort. There will continue to be 3 cohorts for the remainder of the second marking period. Because of the small amount of hybrid students, there will be another schedule change and only two cohorts. From January 19th to the end of the school year, the school district intends on being hybrid. There will be a cohort going into school daily, when there is a switch to two cohorts, office hours will be taken away. There will be four or six classes each school day, depending on if there are office hours or fully virtual classes on certain days . 

Students will be required to bring masks, along with other necessities for school. Bandanas, gaiters, and one-way valve masks are not allowed to be worn during school. Students also must wear their masks at all times. They should remember to bring laptops, chargers, a spare mask, writing utensils, a calculator, water, earbuds, and hand sanitizer. As per previous hybrid days, students will not be allowed to use their lockers and will be allowed to carry their own backpacks throughout the James Caldwell High School halls. All of these safety precautions the school is taking will help to ensure a safe and successful return to school that most of the students have been eager and waiting for.

Photo Courtesy of Principal James Devlin

This is the schedule for the remainder of the second marking period. For A.M. days, period 3 will be first, as it has on past hybrid days. School will run from 8:05 to 2:05, with seven minute breaks and a 59 minute break for lunch. Block one, which is period 3 for A.M days and period 5 for P.M. days, runs from 8:05 A.M. to 8:50 A.M. Block two runs from 8:57 to 9:42 A.M. This is for period 1 in A.M. days and period 6 in the P.M. hybrid days. For Block three, it runs from 9:49 to 10:34. Period 2 takes place then during A.M. days and period 7 takes place then during P.M. school days, Period 4 for A.M. days and period 8 for P.M. days will be during block four from 10:41 A.M. to 11:26 A.M. Lunch will then be from 11:26 A.M. to 12:25 P.M. for both hybrid and virtual students. Then, on days where Cohort A goes into school, there will be office hours from 12:25 P.M. to 2:05 P.M. On A.M. Cohort B days, period 5 will take place virtually from 12:25 P.M. to 1:10 P.M and period 6 will take place from 1:20P.M. to 2:05 P.M. There are ten minute breaks between each fully virtual class. On A.M. Cohort C days, periods 7 and 8 take place all virtual in the afternoon. On  P.M. Cohort B days, periods 1 and 2 take place in the afternoon. During Cohort C days for the P.M., Period 4 will take place from 12:25 P.M. to 1:10 P.M. while Period 3 then takes place from 1:20 P.M. to 2:05 P.M.

Photo Courtesy of Principal James Devlin

In the third marking period with 2 cohorts, the times for classes remain the same. Students who are hybrid will be going into school every other day. On Cohort A A.M. days, periods 5 and 6 will take place virtually in the afternoon. On Cohort B A.M. days, periods 7 and 8 will take place in the afternoon. On Cohort A P.M. days, periods 1 and 2 will take place in the afternoon. Finally, on Cohort B P.M. days, periods 4 and 3 will be all virtual after lunch. Note that on Cohort B P.M. days period 4 comes before period 3. This schedule is set to run untilApril 16th, the end of the third marking period. There will be no school on February 15th and 16th. There will also be no school from April 2nd to April 12th for spring break. On February 11th, there will be a half day for Professional Development. There will be A.M. periods only on this Cohort B day. Many students are looking forward to this new schedule and getting into school and the classroom more often. 

Photo Courtesy of Principal James Devlin

This is a large shift to have students in James Caldwell High School every day opposed to a few times a month. Although there will be a fully remote day on Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 because of the 10th grade PSAT. This information has been sent out to both parents and students through their emails. This schedule is subject to change based on the amount of students going hybrid and the amount of COVID cases. Overall, students and the James Caldwell High School staff are very excited to be in the building more frequently with this new hybrid schedule. Keep an eye out for any updates through the Principal’s update!