It’s A Wrap: Spotify Wrapped 2020

Its A Wrap: Spotify Wrapped 2020

Amanda DeMaria


It is that time of year! 2020 is coming to an end and everyone wants to see what they have been waiting for all year: their 2020 Spotify Wrapped. This is a time when people get to see what they most listen to, song, artist, genre, and get to judge themselves for the music they decided to listen to back in January. One can access this by looking up “Spotify Wrapped 2020” on any search platform and logging into their Spotify account or just looking through the app itself. 

Spotify told listeners what their top 5 songs, artists and genres were, how many minutes they spent listening to Spotify this year, how many new artists they have listened to, what podcasts they have binged, and how many artists they have listened to in total. They also made unique playlists that pertain to each listener including Your Top Songs of 2020 that includes the top 100 songs each person listened to, On Record that gives each listener more insight on the artists they know and love, and Missed Hits that allowed them to view songs that they missed throughout the year that Spotify picked out for them. I personally love to go into my Missed Hits playlist and discover new music through it. One can also save their Top Songs of 2020 playlist so in a year one could look back on what they decided to listen to in 2020. 

Spotify Wrapped is also a great advertisement method for Spotify right near the holidays. Thousands of people are posting their most listened to songs, artists, and much more across all social media platforms. Since it is so close to the holidays, music lovers might see this as an excellent opportunity to ask for a Spotify, so they can see their wrapped next year.